Cremer Coating

Surface coating NiCrBSi Surface coating steel Surface coating ceramics

A zinc-aluminium alloy is sprayed on as corrosion protection. Molybdenum, bronze, nickel, NiCrBSi, chrome-nickel-iron alloys and Wolfram/ Tungstencarbide hard metal are used as wear protection in surface coating.

In thermal spraying the surface coating substance - powder or wire is fused with a flame spraying pistol and sprayed on the surfaces with high pressurised gases. We apply surface coating with wire-flame spraying, powder flame spraying, arc spraying and HVOF (high speed flame spraying).

We can treat base elements neutrally and warp-free, individual parts and serial parts for repair and renovation, and job coatings and grinding. Our surface coating can be carried out magnetically or non-magnetically. Thermal spraying has high agitation levels and can be very economical depending on the part's geometry. We take into consideration corrosion, wear and sliding characteristics. The chipping is often carried out in our company.

Further surface coatings flame spraying is in competition with:

In the surface coating with coat fusion several fused layers are placed above and next to each other to build up appropriate hardness. It cannot be excluded that the base joints change and distort.

Hot galvanising or hot dipping is also surface coatings. The steel part is here dipped in an approx. 400°C hot zinc melt and the metal surface is coated. With this method too it cannot be excluded that the base joints change and distort.

Surface coating by electro plating / galvanisation are also very common. Small parts are usually nickeled and chromed in an electrolysis bath. Hard chrome has very good glide properties. The coat application rate in surface coating is time consuming anyway and usually is about 1/100 mm per hour.

We carry out surface coating with GTS certified flame spraying technology.