Cremer Coating

Mixing tools is prone to natural wear Mixing tools after coating Mixing tools after coating

We protect mixing equipment, mixer, tools, stirrer, stirring equipment and granulation equipment against wear and corrosion with decades long experience.

Mixing tools like mixers, stirrers, stirring equipment and granulation equipment are coated with stainless steel rust-free components with flame spraying methods, metal spraying or thermal spraying to the specifications of the client.

The coating component depends on the individual case and is strongly defined by the volume speed, the medium to be mixed and the element geometry.

Accordingly we use different spraying methods for the coating of all mixing equipment (mixers, stirrer, stirring equipment) and granulation equipment.

The coat strengths too are differently defined by the spraying method, element and the expected wear and corrosion. Standard strength of coating is 0.5mm-1mm.

NiCrBSi alloys of 42HRc to 60HRc are used as coating components. For extreme cases of mixing tools (mixers, stirrers, stirring equipment) and granulation equipment we use hard metal coating based on Wolfram carbide. This wear and corrosion protection coating is polishable as desired.

We place manufacture, repair and maintenance coatings on stainless steel mixing equipment (mixers, stirrers, stirring equipment) and under water granulation equipment.

We are certified, qualified and flexible and will be happy to give you advice.