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Packing glands / stuffing box packing are prone to natural wear Packing glands / stuffing box packing are prone to natural wear Packing glands / stuffing box packing are prone to natural wear

The Packing gland is a Shaft sealing or contact seals in round or square cords in nylon, aramide, carbon fibre with PTFE additions.

Rotating or axially moved shafts, rods, spindles, plungers are sealed with a gland and the packing gland. The gland presses on the Packing gland and the crushing achieves the sealing of the rotating or sliding shafts, rods, spindles, plungers.

Wear and tear mostly occurs on shafts, rods, spindles, plungers and not to the packing gland casing. However it must be ensured that the bearing tolerance between the gland bearing casing, toroidal ring, gland and packing gland is always correct, because otherwise leaks would occur. It should also be ensured that there is no mismatch or a defect bearing on shafts, rods, spindles, plungers.

With flame spraying methods like wire flame spraying, powder flame spraying, arc spraying, HVOF, high speed flame spraying we can considerably extend the life of elements like gland bearing casings and shafts, rods, spindles, plungers.

Self flowing alloys and hard metal coatings are used as coating components. Those coatings should clearly be considered for improved wear and corrosion protection pf standard steel and stainless steel basic components.

The sliding properties in the connection between the stuffing box packing to the shafts, rods, spindles, plungers are clearly improved by our excellent alloy compositions.

Based on our long experience of the system of Shaft sealing, gland/Packing gland with shafts, rods, spindles, plungers we consider the gas tightness, hardness, sliding properties and torsion requirements to expand duration.

On elements used in engineering, power plants, chemical and petro-chemical industries such as stirring equipment, mixers, pumps or armatures we extend the life of the shaft sealing - packing gland with our coatings.

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