Cremer Coating

Metal spraying at Cremer Beschichtungstechnologie GmbH GmbH & Co.KG Metal spraying at Cremer Beschichtungstechnologie GmbH GmbH & Co.KG Metal spraying at Cremer Beschichtungstechnologie GmbH GmbH & Co.KG

We use standardised and certified spray wires and spray powder for metal spraying. These wires and powders are sprayed with various, tested flame spraying pistols with thermal and kinetic energy in various methods.

We apply surface coating with metal spraying, through wire flame spraying, powder flame spraying, HVOF (high speed flame spraying) and arc spraying. With these various methods we have the know-how to provide wear and corrosion protection for the most varied surfaces with coating technology.

In metal spraying mostly steel and stainless steel elements are prepared for spraying in round or flat undersize of coating strength. The surface is cleaned, masked and covered to ensure that during subsequent spraying and coating no surface damage is caused to places that should not be coated.

As coating agents in thermal spraying aluminium, zinc, nickel, molybdenum, copper, Al-Ni-Bronze, chrome steel, stainless steel, NiCrFeBSi alloys, hard metal WC/Co – WSC – CrC-NiCr and ceramics are then used. These materials can be and are also combined as duplex coatings.

The coats are sprayed tight or porous depending on the various metal spraying methods. For porous coats this means that in engineering lubrication nests for fat and oil are used as needed. Porous coatings are also flexible when strained by nature.

Very tight coatings have very low roughness values of ca. Ra 0.1µm, which are obtained by the finest diamond polishing, finishing and polishing. The hardness level can be achieved up to 75HRc in carbide through metal spraying. The sprayed coating is processed in the corresponding tolerance and surface level according to the application.

The coat sprayed through flame spraying is then shaped as required through vibrating polishing, turning, milling, inner and outer polishing, flat polishing, finishing and polishing.

With metal spraying we help you flexibly, qualified for parts and series in maintenance, repair and production of new elements as job coating with improved service life.