Cremer Coating

We coat Oscillation conveyors, Vibration conveyors and Compactors for wear protection as desired with flame spraying with various components and raw materials.

Oscillation conveyors, Vibration conveyors and Compactors are used in supply engineering and automation to engineer the most varied elements. Plastic, metal or wooden elements e.g. should be uniformly further transported by the vibration spiral conveyors.

That transport is achieved by a magnetic field which moves the top-shaped element of the Oscillation conveyors, vibration conveyors, compactors or vibration spiral conveyors into oscillation. The frequency and amplitude can be individually set to the material. By the activated Oscillation conveyor, Vibration conveyor or Compactor the good in the recipient is lifted by gravity and shoved further in the conveyor groove.

The basic component is compressed by the lifting and dropping of the material in the Oscillation conveyor, Vibration conveyor, Compactor or Vibration spiral conveyor. If the basic component consists of metal/stainless steel a polishing effect in the conveyor groove can also be achieved.

We provide the Oscillation conveyor/Vibration conveyor/ compactor/ vibration spiral conveyor with more GRIP by ca. 60HRc rough coatings. With this high GRIP level the energy use/performance and the wear of the individual machine parts can be significantly reduced.

Even oily or lubricating parts can be well conveyed on such a GRIP coating. Our ca. 60HRc hard and rough coatings are applied with flame spraying methods and have coating strengths of ca. 100µm to 500µm depending on coating material.

The Oscillation conveyor, Vibration conveyor, Compactor or vibration spiral conveyor is in the best hands with us for wear and corrosion protection.

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