Cremer Coating

Screw conveyor segments - wear protection, repair and maintenance Screw conveyor segments - wear protection, repair and maintenance Rotary valve - wear protection, repair and maintenance

Screw conveyor segments are circular blanks that are spiralled cold-drawn. These are produced on the winds of the screw conveyor segments manufacturers  -to the customer's request in material strengths from 2-30mm, external diameter Ø 2500mm and threading increases up to 1000mm. The screw conveyor segments can be designed left hand or right hand according to DIN 15261.

Screw conveyor segments are used for mixing, engineering, dosing, heating, drying, filling and pressing and must partially meet the highest durability. The sectors for application are industries like e.g. the cement industry, the stone and soil industry, agriculture, the waste industry and mixed food industry.

The clients provide us with the screw conveyor segments as individual part or in small series for armouring.

Our long experience in wear and corrosion protection gives us the certified opportunity to fit the Screw conveyor segments with a very durable coating with our thermal spraying. We flexibly process to the clients' specifications the single or several screw conveyor segments on the pressure side or on both sides or the outer diameter with our stainless steel coatings with up to 60HRc Matrix and 75HRc hard metal Wolfram carbide.

Further elements for our coatings on engineering worm conveyors and screw conveyor segments are centre bearing/coupling and half shell bearings.

The centre bearing/coupling and half shell bearings are necessary to guarantee the appropriate bearing/support for long engineering worm conveyors. The screw conveyor segment, which is welded to the worm conveyor is rotated by the drive and to prevent the flight from chafing the housing, the engineering worm conveyor requires one or several bearing places. We armour centre bearings/coupling and half shell bearings with various coatings in line with each other, whose friction parameters achieve excellent results on the wear and corrosion.

We also offer the necessary know-how for the individual coating of your worm conveyors, screw conveyor segments, centre bearings/couplings, the Rotary valves, the Gland packing and the half shell bearings with the appropriate wear and corrosion protection - all in one place.

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