Cremer Coating

E.g. on container ships... E.g. in energy production... E.g. in off shore industry...

We individually coat worn surfaces according to their use sectors with suitable materials in the required coating strengths. The special features of metal spraying find versatile applications in many industry sectors.

  • In medical devices engineering
  • In power house engineering
  • In chemical plant engineering
  • In plastic processing industry
  • In the pump industry
  • In ferrous and non-ferrous metal production
  • In the electric industry
  • In device engineering
  • In steel works
  • In foundries
  • In steel production
  • In drawing plants
  • In aviation and aeronautics
  • In automobile construction (car engineering)
  • In ship construction (naval construction)
  • In agricultural machine construction (agricultural engineering)
  • In mineral oil processing
  • In mining
  • In energy and water supply
  • In machine engineering
  • In the paper industry
  • In print industry (print machines)
  • In the glass industry
  • In the manufacture of household and kitchen appliances
  • In medical engineering