Cremer Coating

Hard metal coating with Wolfram carbide is carried out by Cremer through thermal spraying in flame spraying method.

Wolfram carbide with hardness of up to 2300HV represents an excellent base for a wear protection coating for long duration.

The Wolfram carbide is supplied to us by the powder suppliers in broken or gas atomised condition with test certificate. Many drawings carry the mentions e.g. 'hard metal coating' or "Tungsten Carbide", both do not mean anything else than a coating with Wolfram-Tungsten carbide.

A Wolfram carbide hard metal coating is either carried out with self-fluxing powder flame spraying  according to DIN EN ISO 14920:1999 or with HVOF (high speed flame spraying).

In both coating methods the Wolfram/Tungsten carbide powder is sprayed on the surface of the work element as plastic and clings onto the previously sprayed base component.

This Wolfram carbide coating makes it possible to choose a cheap basic component for the product itself for many application purposes, which is then fitted with a hard metal coating and thus obtains the required hardness.  In that case an expensive complete hard metal copy can be dispensed with.

In some applications a strong line strain would destroy the sprayed coating in which an egg shell effect would occur. For example, hard metal drums cannot be replaced by softer metals by a flame sprayed coating with Wolfram carbide as the pressures are too high for that sprayed coating alone.

We have used Wolfram carbide for coating in many industries for decades. Mixing, engineering and sealing techniques are but a few of our areas of expertise.

We carry out certified, qualified and flexible Wolfram carbide hard metal coatings for you. We will of course be happy to give you free advice.