Cremer Coating

Arc spraying at Cremer Beschichtungstechnologie GmbH Arc spraying at Cremer Beschichtungstechnologie GmbH Arc spraying at Cremer Beschichtungstechnologie GmbH

For arc spraying two wires of equal coating substances or two almost equal spray wires are usually used.  These wire materials usually have a diameter of 1.6 mm and are stored in pairs on 15 kg spools. That means that 30kg are available at the start.

We use the latest Praxair CoArc 9910 / 9935 for spraying. This displays exceptionalrpulling power and 350 Ampere . In addition all relevant parameters for all systems are entered in and monitored on the touch display. The modern operation and energy source operate tension ( V ), energy strength ( A ) and the pulverising gas very linear.

In arc spraying pulverised gas - pressed air are usually used. The pressed air must be dry and particle-free for the best coating results. The rest is controled by the 380V power connection with the best safety protection.

The wire speed is achieved over the power strength  Ampere . The lower this is - eg.100A - the lower the propulsion speed. The highest maximum wire speed is set at 350A .

The wire speed is not connected to the particle speed at the valve exit. With constant values this is between 150-200m/s. For the fusion of the wire with the alloy the tension (V) is the last parameter required. Low melting alloys are sprayed at lower and high melting at appropriate higher tension.

For arc flame spraying - like all spray coatings applied by flame spraying - the work object, the base material and geometry must fit together for the spraying method.  In addition, the surfaces of the element must be cleaned, pre-heated and roughed.

Arc spraying, like other thermal spraying, must be carried out with the appropriate extraction equipment, to withdraw the fine particles used as over spray as a protection to the flame sprayer and the environment.

For protection against corrosion zinc, aluminium and bronze alloys are usually used as spray coating substances, whereby bronze alloys are also applied as wear and friction protection with emergency action features.  Copper is used for spray copperplating for electric conductivity. The solderability to copper and zinc must also be mentioned. Cr-steel also with additional nickel, Wolfram, tungsten, Mangane and molybdenum - provides the highest longevity improvements.

These spray coatings are applied warp-free at low element heating <100°C with arc spraying.

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