Cremer Coating

Internal grinding Internal grinding External grinding

Internal grinding is used for individual parts and small series processing in our contract manufacture. We are DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Internal grinding enables us to work on parts up to a diameter of 500 mm and a length of 1000 mm. Our grinding depth is 250 mm, as max. work piece we can cut 500kg.

Contracted grinding is a complement to our surface coatings. Since 1969 we have been installing and repairing individual and serial parts and we also can cut the most varied surfaces.

We carry out internal grinding as wet grinding with the appropriate cold lubrication. Therefore we have no warping, changes in joining and tears in the basic component and the surface coating.

To obtain the appropriate grinding chipping values we use special diamond and corundum tools for internal grinding . These must be open pored and splintered to prevent clogging of the grinding disc body.

With internal grinding we can carry out passage drilling and blind hole drilling. We also have a plan surface grinding installation. This enables accurate execution of true running in clamping or "heat".

It is important that with Internal grinding in our grinding workshop the grinding disc has a greater contact to the surface of the work element than with external grinding. Furthermore, due to the internal grinding spindle geometry only a limited pressure on the work element surface is possible. Those two important features are observed for the previous, finishing and refining grinding.

For internal grinding max. 0.3 mm should be pre-cut in the drilling, otherwise internal grinding becomes too non-economical. Roughness values of ca. RZ5-1┬Ám can be achieved through the most various grinding body grains.

With internal grinding with diamond, corundum and silicium carbide tools the work element surface or surface coating with are cut to the shape and location tolerance with pendular grinding. Plunge cut grinding is - as described above - not sensible due to the grinding spindle geometry.

We provide flexible and certified work on individual parts and small series, as well as new parts, repair and installations.