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There are things that seem to exist forever. There are also things that wear out under high strain! These mechanical components must do what they are intended for every day. They work in container ships, in agricultural machines, the off shore industry and environmental technology. Active in hidden places - with a high level of reliability.

We contribute to things staying that way: As a surface specialist Cremer Beschichtungstechnologie GmbH provides the necessary protection against wear - on many components with   diversed geometry - in the most varied sectors. To ensure that your products provide their services for longer. In addition, our technology also brings economic benefits to our customers. Cremer Beschichtungstechnologie GmbH create surfaces - for more than 50 years.

Cremer Beschichtungstechnologie GmbH has represented competence in surface technology for more than 50 years and distinguishes itself by individual coating of various component geometries. We can manufacture individual parts and series in consultation with you, and carry out the construction and product development and special machines for coating technology. Customers from more than 20 different sectors trust our know-how.

We individually coat worn surfaces according to their work areas with suitable materials in the required coating strengths.  For the maintenance, development and construction, the special characteristics of metal spray coatings have multiple applications.

Coating in molybdenum, stainless steel, NE metals and ceramics are particularly suitable for repair and saving parts due for scrab for example bearing areas against corrugation, spindles and drums, Electric motor anchors and recipient covers, housing drillings, fittings in slide, seal and lead elements, cylinders, piston rods and sockets, block edges on wire drawing machines and many others.

Fusion joint coatings from wear and corrosion resistant Cr-Ni alloys and Tungsten/Wolframcarbides have many possible applications in industry.

Examples of applications:
  • Kneading and mixing tools
  • Transport and worm conveyors
  • Bearing seats
  • Couplings
  • Pivots and bolts
  • Protective sleeves
  • Seal and slide rings
  • Wire draw rings and cones/ cone pulleys
  • Deflection rollers
  • Pistons
  • Plungers
  • Roll threads and rollers
  • Housings and vents for combustion engines

and wherever heat treatment is possible.

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