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Ceramic coatings at Cremer Beschichtungstechnologie GmbH GmbH & Co.KG Ceramic coatings at Cremer Beschichtungstechnologie GmbH GmbH & Co.KG Ceramic coatings at Cremer Beschichtungstechnologie GmbH GmbH & Co.KG

We spray on ceramic coatings with plasma ceramic spraying and powder flame ceramic spraying.

There are different ceramic spray agents for ceramic coating.

Aluminium oxide ( Al²O³) white
This ceramic coating is non conductive and is therefore used for electric insulation. Up to ca. 800°C this pure ceramic coating provides good resistance against abrasion, wear of gliding, friction and oxidation.

Aluminium oxide+Titanium dioxide( Al²O³+13TiO² ) dark blue
Up to ca. 500°C this ceramic coating also provides protection against most acids and alkaline. Its dielectric properties are not has high as in pure aluminium oxide due to the titanium oxide component. Due to the greater hardness ( ca. 60HRc ) compared to white ceramic this dark blue ceramic coating is for example favoured for pumps, valve discs, valve shafts, wire drawing drums and thread guides.

Chrome oxide ( Cr²O³ + 3TiO² ) anthracite
The chrome oxide ceramic coating can also be applied up to ca. 500°C and is resistant against acids, alkaline and alcohol. The hardness is approx. 65HRc and is therefore commonly used as sealing for shaft protection sleeves, pump sealants, sealing rings, guide rollers etc. By adding silicium oxide the chrome-oxide-ceramic coating obtains higher wear and corrosion protection.

Zircon oxide ( ZrO²+20Y²O³ ) yellowish
The Yttruim stabilised ceramic coating is used as thermal insulation barrier. It is scratch resistant, high temperature resistant, thermo shock resistant and can also be used in high gas corrosive and sulphur and sodium rich environments. Typical applications of this ceramic coating are the aviation industry, rockets, jet engines, cylinder heads and coating for metal welding and tanks.

Hydroxylapatite ( Ca5 /PO4)³ OH
This special ceramic coating is used by companies in vacuum plasma ceramic spraying processes for medical technology for the coating of hip, shoulder and knee joints.

Other ceramic coatings on request