Cremer Coating

Powder flame spraying of worm conveyors and screw conveyor segments HVOF of worm conveyors and screw conveyor segments Coupling bearing half shell Worm conveyor

The Worm conveyor and the screw conveyor segments are armoured by powder flame spraying or HVOF with NiCrBSi alloys up to  60HRc or by adding hard metal Wolfram carbide 75HRc.

This coating method has been applied by our certified, trained and flexible employees for decades.

The Worm conveyor and the single screw conveyor segments are fitted with a 0.5-1 mm strong, gas tight, corrosion and wear resistant, highest torsion and knock resistant of all coatings with powder flame spraying with subsequent vitrification/fusion in metal spraying engineering.

Powder flame spraying of worm conveyors, blades and Screw conveyor segments HVOF of  worm conveyors and flight elements coupling bearing half-shell Worm conveyor.

A coating in the spraying process as described above for the flight or the worm conveyor is uniformly hard and has excellent friction values depending on the alloy components, which can keep the power consumption low.

Due to the bad adherence of the medium the worm conveyor or individual screw conveyor segments can be cleaned easily if needed. Our special coating is resistant to cleaning alkaloids.

We apply the exceptional corrosion protection of our special alloys and the high hardness level of 60-75HRc to the basic components of the worm conveyors and flights such as construction steel St52-3, stainless steel and hardox and help them to achieve many life extensions.

We often use HVOF flame spraying on a worm conveyor or extruder worm conveyor. This has the advantage that no distortion and no change in the structure of the worm can occur. A ca. 0.25mm hard metal coating is sprayed on here. Those hard metal Wolfram carbide and powder flame sprayed coatings are easy to polish.

The base materials used for extruder worm conveyors and if needed the screw conveyor segments are stainless steel or improved steel like 42CrMoV4.

It is important to align the torsion strain - especially for the Extruder-Worm conveyor - to the medium and to ensure that an injection moulding machine and its plastic mass first is driven over the plastic area to avoid damage to the coating.

Our wear and corrosion protective coatings have been established in many industries for decades. We will be happy to help you with your worm conveyors and flight coatings without obligation, please contact us.