Cremer Coating

Copper plating spraying / spray copper plating / cold gas spraying is a collective term for the various metal spraying and thermal spraying methods. Copper spraying spraying are based on the interaction between kinetic and thermal energy.

The copper component is either sprayed with wire flame  – arc – HVOF or cold gas. The high kinetic energy generated in the metal spraying method for spray copper plating, led to mechanical clamping of the welded particles on a part without generating heat.

During Copper plating spraying spraying the elements and the flame spraying method must be selected according to the application to provide optimal coating in consultation with the client.

To prepare the parts they are degreased, heated at approx. 100°C, sprayed with steel shot, silicium carbide or aluminium oxide and coated immediately afterwards to prevent underlying corrosion.

Surfaces treated with copper plating spraying / spray copper plating / cold gas spraying should be sealed according to the application to avoid oxidation. The sealant can then be polished or etched for later soldering processes.

Copper plating spraying were further developed and based on new findings became a fixture of very good electric conductive coatings and improved electric conductivity of elements made from badly or non-conductive agents. Furthermore, copper coatings obtained by Copper spraying / spray copper plating / cold gas spraying are also very suitable for decorative purposes.

Metal spraying covers applications for repair and rejects salvation to high technology with the indicated methods.  The possibilities of metal spraying are absolutely not exhausted yet and are always there for resolving technical problems. Copper plating spraying are part of modern technology today.