Cremer Coating

For powder flame spraying the powdery spray filler substance is melted in an acetylene-oxygen flame and  fluxed onto the prepared work surface with the expanding combustion gases.

If necessary an additional gas (eg. argon or nitrogen) can be used for the spraying of powder particles. A multitude of spray filler substances are very versatile with more than 100 materials in powder spraying.

In powder spraying there are self fluxing and self adhesive powders. Self fluxing powders mostly need additional thermal post-treatment . This "fusion" is mostly applied with the particularly suitable acetylene-oxygen burners.

The thermal process significantly increases the hold of the spray coating on the base substance; the spray coating becomes sealed against gas and liquid.

Applications are eg.  corrugation protective valves, rolling equipment, bearing blocks, ventilators, motors of extruder worms, rollers, shaft sleeve etc.

Powder flame spraying

Powder flame spraying
(1) acetylene/oxygen (2) powder recipient (3) combustion valve (4) carrier gas + powder
(5) acetylene/oxygen flame and spray particle (6) work object

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