Cremer Coating

Bearing seats are prone to natural wear Bearing seats pull back ram Bearing seats pull back ram

Cremer Beschichtungstechnologie GmbH  restores  bearing seats distortion-free with flame spraying or with little distortion with contractual welding.

Bearing seats are prone to natural wear and corrosion. In time this results in an increasingly larger bearing block clearance, originated through rust formation, friction wear but also wrong clearances and surfaces at the original installation of the bearing. It is therefore said: "The bearing seat has failed".

The bearing block is then also affected by the impacting powers and requires new wear and corrosion protection. Depending on the element and its features such as e.g. basic component, element geometry, heating, tolerances, surfaces and appliance we choose the appropriate coating method with the client.

Wire flame spraying and arc flame spraying are often used for the spraying of bearing seats.

We then pre-turn, pre-cut, pre-polished, degreased, blasted, flame sprayed and then cut to the corresponding tolerance and surface performance. We carry out qualified and distortion-free flame spraying.

In contractual welding the difference with the spraying of the bearing seat is the clearly higher temperature input in the element. Whereas in flame spraying the basic component can remain almost disregarded, welding requires special attention here.

Whereas distortion is tolerated by the welding method, the same processing steps are needed like for spraying for the bearing block to later obtain the same final result for tolerances and surfaces.

For repair and maintenance of bearing seats by spraying, we provide an extensive component selection e.g. molybdenum, steel, stainless steel, bronze, ceramic or hard metal.

We flexibly repair knocked out bearing seats. We will be happy to advise you.